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Ars poetica

ABC Mill Ltd. is an online game designer-developer and publisher company situated in Budapest, Hungary.

We create products, from our unique ideas. Spreading our browser based games rapidly all across Europe, providing quality entertainment to all our users. We are a small, but enthusiastic company, with experienced experts
and new generation ideas.

A simple game is not enough. Not enough for us. In each and every product of ours, we deliver more than just a time wasting 1 minute game. We educate throu games. Children, teenagers, or seniors: Everyone can find value that fits their need.



Active projects


honfoglalo.hu jumplink

osvajalec.si jumplink

conquiztador.rs jumplink

conquiztador.bg jumplink

conquiztador.ru jumplink

conquiztador.ro jumplink

dobyvatel.cz jumplink



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